5 Benefits of HR Application to Build Your Business

5 Benefits of HR Application to Build Your Business

The fluidity of corporate business can depend on the right choice of HR applications. Human Resource (HR) is certainly expected by the company to be able to complete various job functions in a relatively short time. Those various job functions come from the administrative tasks such as managing the recruitment, calculating salary, managing leave and managing performance appraisal.


Imagine if the HR division does not work efficiently and all tasks are still done manually, then employees could become neglected that would result in the downfall of the company. As explained in Dessler’s Book, Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia, the strategic role of an employee as a Human Resource in a business entity can be elaborated based on the theory of resources where the function of a company is to gather all resources or all internal talents to face market needs as a main external factor.


The resources mentioned above are the strategic HR that provide added value as a benchmark for business success. This HR capability is a competitive advantage of the company. Thus, in terms of resources, a business strategy that can be supported by HR is to get the maximum added value in order to optimize the competitive advantage.


Inilah manfaat yang bisa didapatkan perusahaan dengan adanya teknologi aplikasi HR untuk pengembangan bisnis yang berlaku untuk jangka panjang. Untuk pengembangan bisnis Anda, berikut adalah:


Here are five benefits of SunFish Go HR application for your companies:


  1. Manage HR efficiently in one application

The HR application system is integrated, flexibly configurated, user-friendly and paperless operation.


  1. Manage employees in ease
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It’s easy to manage requests from staff anytime and anywhere with just one click in the SunFish Go HR application. Besides being easy for HR, it also provides the convenience for employees in requesting leave, reimbursement/ claim, checking payslip etc.


  1. Save time

SunFish Go makes your business run efficiently through an accurate payroll, tax calculation and BPJS process without working manually. Moreover, you can get the faster results.


  1. Boost the productivity

Get relevant results whenever there is a need to see reports about HR in the SunFish Go HR application. Owners can have complete control over the business and monitor developments that have a significant impact on the business.


  1. Save money

With the help of HR application technology from SunFish Go, HR and company owners can spend more time thinking about strategies in managing employee relationships for the development of your business without any further administrative matters.