5 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Office Desk to Make Work More Fun

5 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Office Desk to Make Work More Fun

Decorating the Office Desk – Been already in the mid of the year, how is your performance in the office? More passionate or unpassionate instead ? Look around your workspace, is it monotonous? To make you more motivated in working, let’s try to decorate your office desk to be more entertaining. Just do these 5 simple DIY ideas to decorate your desk.


  1. Choose your favorite color or bright color


Decorating an office desk can start with colour choice that you want to highlight. You can choose your favourite colour or bright colour. Using bright colours for your office stuffs can make you more passionate in working. Moreover, bright colours like yellow and green are believed to increase man’s creativity.


The use of colourful sticky notes can be one of good ideas to decorate your desk since colours can produce the productivity during working. . The use of colourful sticky notes will make you remember your tasks by writing your task list on it and sticking it on your personal computer.


  1. Decorate your desk using washi tape


Washi tape is the tape coming from Japan with cute and colourful design. It is used to decorate things to be more exquisite.


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Any kind of stuff can be decorated using washi tape. You can decorate your personal computer or keyboard by using washi tape to make you more motivated in working.


Your mouse pad can also be decorated using washi tape as the following picture!

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  1. Provide the containers to make your stuffs well-organized


Use small containers to make sure the stuffs on your office desk are neatly stored. To be different than usual, you can color the container using color spray to make it look more interesting and exciting work.


  1. Stick the photos that can motivate you


Boredom during work can be overcome if you look at your beloved people or great moments captured on photos. Stick photos with colourful frame to fill your office desk so it can be your motivation.



  1. Pay attention to your desk tidiness.


We sometimes do not notice that messy office desk can affect the way we work. For some people, they do not need to decorate their office desk but still need to have a neat office desk that helps them work better.
Make sure your decoration stuffs do not ruin your work. So, always keep tidy!


There are many ways to decorate an office desk. Decorate your desk or just you’re your desk tidy to motivate you in working.