5 Steps to Start Your Own Business

5 Steps to Start Your Own Business

Nowadays, being an entrepreneur is highly demanded by many people, especially millennials. They have strong desire to build their own business and expect that they can freely get both time and financial.

We find it not easy to start the business. It needs a few things to make your business run accordance with your plan. Here are five things you have to prepare when you are going to start your own business:


  1. Set a Well-Developed Planning against Your Business Idea

Opening a business is the same as we want to live in a place we’ve never been. We have to make a preparation to anticipate the possibilities that can happen and disrupt our own business. There are many ways you can learn to make this plan from business feasibility studies to what is currently quite popular is Business Model Canvas. You can find it on the internet how to use this tool.


  1. Validate and Research the Market

One of the reasons why a business fails and cannot continue is that the product and service are not needed and demanded by the market. It is the biggest reason why a business fails to survive. The goal of creating a product is that it can be useful for many people and we can get the income for return. Well, we are often too confident to ignore this step. Do a small survey to know what customers need.

  1. Expand Your Network

The success key of an entrepreneur is that he has many connections by expanding his networking. From now on, you have to be used to meeting lots of people. Make a business card that looks professional and do not forget to exchange business cards when meeting new people. Attend the activities of many other business actors and socialize with them. Do not forget to keep good relationship with them.

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  1. Build the Strong Team

The main capital of the new entrepreneur is himself and his team. Due to many limitations, find your partner that can support you to run better. Find the co-founder and employees with the same vision that can help you build a new business.


  1. Master the Concept of Human Resources

Probably a lot of new entrepreneurs who underestimate this. They think it is not important to understand the concept of HR Management for the early stages. In fact, based on Forbes Magazine, the Human Resources development becomes the third greatest reason concerning on how the business turns to bankruptcy. Thus, it is important for you to understand why we as entrepreneurs should understand this as it is not easy and will sometimes take a lot of energy, time and thought. Imagine how if you have to manage employee attendance, payroll, taxes, BPJS, permits, overtime and so on.


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That’s a wrap. Good luck! Keep on trying.