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7 Tips Getting Back to Work Back After Long Holiday

7 Tips Getting Back to Work Back After Long Holiday

Long holiday is over, welcome back to the routines! For those of you who are still “jetlag” for having to adapt to work. Let’s renew your spirit by following these tips.


How is your long holiday? Is it enough for you to refresh your mind and spend time with your family? We hope so, because holiday is a good time for you to regain your energy and work spirit.


There is nothing you need to worry about if the holiday is over, as long as you know the tips & tricks to keep the spirit even though the holiday ends.


  1. Wear your best outfit


A study conducted in 2010 by scientists at the University of Rochester showed that wearing clothes with attractive colors will have an impact on work spirit in the office. To improve your work productivity while at work, choose your best outfit. Wearing the blue shirt for your work outfit makes you more calm and concentrate on the job.


  1. Go to office faster


You should come earlier in the first day of working after holiday. By coming early, you will be better prepared and not in a hurry or look lethargic. The advantages come early also you can be more relaxed in the office.


  1. Clean your stuff


You have arrived early at office. However, there are many things you can do, one of them is to clean your office desk. After almost one week your working desk is not occupied, clean your desk from dust or unused scraps. The cleaning service officer surely helps you clean your desk but pay attention to the trash such as paper that is unused, pens that have run out of ink and other unused items.

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  1. Redecorate your cubicle


The cubicle table where you work every day with certainly has a strong relationship with your work productivity. Well, to make you motivate working after holiday, try to redecorate your cubicle or just move the location of the display around you. Make your desk as comfortable as possible.


  1. Share your food with your co-workers


One of your motivations for not skipping the first day of office is the halal bi halal moment and sharing food with your fellow employees. For those of you who love food, surely feel encouraged to go to office after Lebaran holiday since some co-workers will bring you some food from some parts of Indonesia.


  1. Don’t get affected by friends.


One important thing that needs to be instilled in self when starting working is to receive the good and get away from the bad influence. Starting to work in the first day after a long holiday is somehow hard due to our laziness. Well, you should not get affected by any demotivation from your friends.


  1. Create a plan to have fun with your friends.


Renewing your work spirit can be done by conducting fun activities after work hours. Invite your co-workers to have quality time to share your holiday experiences. Through this way, work spirit can increase the intimacy among co-workers.


Now, renew your energy and keep thinking positively after long holiday. Regardless of all the bad things about your job, your job is the part of your life and is a struggle to be grateful for, pursue, and achieve the success.

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