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Cara Mudah Menghitung Bonus Karyawan

Lakukan Langkah Ini Saat Menghitung Bonus Karyawan

Dalam setiap perusahaan, kesejahteraan karyawan haruslah menjadi poin penting. Kepuasan karyawan dalam bekerja di perusahaan menjadi hal penting yang harus diperhatikan pimpinan karena menyangkut loyalitas dan kinerja karyawan dalam perusahaan....

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How to Build the Strong Team

Working in a company requires us to build a working relationship with co-workers. However, building a strong working team is not a piece of cake because people have their own...

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5 Steps to Start Your Own Business

Nowadays, being an entrepreneur is highly demanded by many people, especially millennials. They have strong desire to build their own business and expect that they can freely get both time...

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How to Reduce High Employee Turnover Rate

High employee turnover rate can be costly or even damage the company performance. Here is our advice to prevent it from happening. Hire the right peopleKeeping employees starts ever since the...

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