Easy and Fast Web-Based Employment Application

Easy and Fast Web-Based Employment Application

Web-based Employment Application – Finding on how to monitor and manage employees in the office is now getting easier due to the technology. With the employment application, the company and the Human Resource Department will be helped both in real-time speed and labor efficiency.


Why do companies need to have a web-based employment application?


One of the important references in determining a policy in the employment field is the employment data such as the data of each employee with their complete background and history.


The employment data is impossible if managed manually by individual HRDs when the number of employees increases. Running the business and managing employees in a company spend much time (sumber: progresstech).


The application of employment will facilitate the HRD team to access and manage the data of employees. Thus, the administration of employment will run effectively and efficiently.


Easy and Fast Web-Based Employment Application from SunFish Go


Now, managing employee is getting easier with the employment application. SunFish Go provides convenience in managing human resources such as attendance record, leave request, claim request, and web-based tax calculation and BPJS.


According to Rio Mangasa Pintor, an Application Developer from PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk, it usually takes two weeks to send a monthly salary slip to the mine site, but after using SunFish HR, these employees can check their payment slips in real time through the system through the employment application, SunFish Go.


Interested in increasing the quality of HRD in your company? It’s time to try the latest breakthrough from the SunFish Go staffing application.

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