The easy way to get loans without risks

The easy way to get loans without risks

In working, sometimes we need more cost than the salary we receive each month. Either it is used for health, education, or business. One way to get funds we need is to apply for a loan. Observing this issue, SunFish Go as a human resource application used by many companies has collaborated with in lending and borrowing. With SunFish Go, the claims and reimbursement processes are simpler and more practical with SunFish Go. (PT Lunaria Annua Teknologi) is lending and borrowing service provider based on information technology. The lending-borrowing activities at are carried out under the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) method as regulated and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in accordance with OJK regulation No. 77 / POJK.01 / 2016. provides the unsecured loans to employees in need. The types of loans provided by are business loans, education loans, and health loans.


For business loans, you can take a loan with at least 10 million and a maximum of 2 billion rupiah. While, the education loans are determined based on the school or educational institution cooperating with Whereas, health loans are offered loan with up to 150 million rupiah. Interestingly, KoinWorks will only provide the interest range from 0.75% – 1.67% flat per month. Very affordable, isn’t it?


Are there any other fees? For credit approval fees, you will be charged 2% – 4%, life insurance expenses: 0.24%, and administrative costs: Rp100,000. In addition, withdrawing this loan will not charge you a penalty fee for early loan repayment. Here is the borrowing procedure at through SunFish Go:

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  1. Apply online:
    You can complete the loan application form in just 15 minutes.
  2. Read the pre-approval:
    The loan interest rate will be informed. If you agree, proceed the process.
  3. Upload the legal document:
    The required legal documents should be uploaded when applying loan.
  4. Wait for the funding process:
    Your loan will be published in to platform and then investors can invest in your loan.
  5. Disburse the loan:
    Your loan will be disbursed into your designated bank.


You can also choose the tenor of credit for your loan. The tenor of credit given by Koinworks are 6, 9, 12, 18 and up to 24 months.


The cooperation between Koinworks and SunFish Go will make you and the other employees easy to get unsecured loans anytime and anywhere. SunFish Go always provides the convenience for their users through a variety of features that continue to grow. So, do not hesitate to use SunFish Go that has been trusted by dozens of companies in managing your company’s resources.