Features of Payroll Software Required for SMEs

Features of Payroll Software Required for SMEs

Payroll-Software – Building Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has become the main priority to think about how the system of payroll for employees can run efficiently and grow the business. To grow a business, keep in mind when you choose the payroll apps, there are a few points that companies should consider:


  1. The size of the SME business that will be related to the management of time and resources.
  2. Budget available for payroll application usage.
  3. Level of convenience and ease of application in accordance with legal regulations.


Here are recommendations of essential features of payroll software for SMEs that can be accessed via Mobile from SunFish Go:


1. Attendance: Record the start and end time via mobile to improve the efficiency and organizations’ productivity.


2. Claim & Loan Simplify the claim and loan request by using SunFish Go


3. Schedule Setting: Make your daily activity to be well organized.
4. Approval: The approval of leave, claim and others can be done every time and every where with just one click.


5. Chat: Allow users to interact with other co-workers.
6. Leave Request: Facilitate the flow of leave request starting from the leave balance, leave request until leave approval.


7. Calculation of PPh 21: Provide the accurate calculation of payroll, PPh 21 and BPJS.
8. Report: View and access data easily in real time and instant.


9. Personnel Data: Provide employee’s complete data and other relevant information safely .


10. Salary Calculation: Easily process payroll with a high degree of accuracy and timely.

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11. SPT & BPJS Report: Easily view SPT and BPJS reports digitally.


12. Organizational Structure: Provide the organizational hierarchy structure to facilitate workflow and identify employee positions.


13. Document Sharing: Share documents on a secure platform.


What are you waiting for? Start to develop your SME business by choosing the right payroll software. Invite SunFish Go team for free demo. Click the link for demo info