Lesson Learned from FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 for Your Business Development

Lesson Learned from FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 for Your Business Development

World cup Russia 2018 – The wave of the euphoria of the 2018 World Cup brings us to have our own favourite teams. We know many surprises that occur during the World Cup 2018. Some teams can pass the preliminary round and the rest not. Coaches use their strategies to make their team achieve the goal. Well, strategies are not only used in football but also in business things. These strategies lead them to the success. One of the success in football team is the manager or coach behind it. Likewise the company resources, they can work optimally based on good organization system and Human Resource management (HR).


Human Resources (HR) is the main actor in doing anything whether the job is as a farmer, a rancher, a fisherman, an employee in a private enterprise, a civil servant, a military civil servant, a merchant, and so on. They are the actors. They are the main players, who play and who pass the vision and mission of a leader. Let’s have a look at an interesting discussion on the success of HR management and that can be learned from the strategy of 2018 World Cup football team managers, quoted from the discussion of Enthusiastic Leader and Integrity by Manahati Zebua in the Inspiration of Tourism Development. Book


If we see professional football players for example. They always keep training and practicing. They run back and forth to train their breathing. They practice physically and practice the skills to bring the ball that leads to the goal, despite being blocked by the opponent. All teams from various countries in the World Cup 2018 get the training sessions. However, how the direction given to players is different.

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As the football players practice, the coaches provide directions on what needs to be improved in the team work and skill. Coach is the one who builds cooperation in bringing the ball towards the opponent’s goal. He determines whom the players are playing in the first session, second session, substitute and so on.


Something that may rarely be explored by HR management experts. In football, if individual competence fails to conform to the needs of organizational competence, it is common that the player will be sold to another club or does not receive a contract extension. It is one of challenges faced by HR practitioners to do the same thing, especially in public sector organizations (Source: Kompasiana).


Thus, a coach must understand correctly about the management of football. The coach must be keen to see the strength of the opponent and the weakness of his team. The coach must determine the strategy when his team are playing in the field. Whether its strategy attacks or persists. When this strategy is applied, the coach and his assistant will have continuous discussions during the game to decide at what minute the strategy will be applied. The improvement of the game and the players depends on the directions and supports given by the manager (coach). They always keep empowering their players to play well and stay fit.


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Then, how is the HR management working as an employee or businessman? Their main task is to sort and maintain resources for their business success. They identify potentials to develop in what potentials can be used as excellence and can be used as development. The potential of employees or business sectors that have been clarified, would be the basis for the short-term work program. Medium term employment programn and long-term work program. This work program has been formulated as an effort and support on the realization of the vision and mission of the leader within 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.

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To achieve at that level, the efforts made to realize the vision and mission of the company, require enthusiastic and integrity of human resources. Enthusiasm in the sense that HR is always passionate and excited in doing his job. Why can always be excited? Because there is something that needs to be realized. To that end, the leader strives to always encourage and facilitate human resources to focus more on quality workmanship.


Objectivity in HR management is also a must, as well as football team managers especially in the Russian World Cup 2018. To help professionalism and ease of employee management, SunFish Go provides ease in managing human resources such as attendance records, leave request, claims, and tax calculations and BPJS.


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