The Steps to Create SOPs for New Companies

The Steps to Create SOPs for New Companies

Steps to Create an SOP – Building a business and new company needs to have a Standar Operational Procedure (SOP) to ensure your company’s workflow run well. Actually, what is the meaning of SOP? According to the Bandung State Polytechnic Digital Library, the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is one of the ways that an organization can take to improve performance. SOP is a written instruction used as a guideline to complete routine tasks in an effective and efficient way to avoid variations or irregularities in the process of completing activities by each person which will disrupt the overall performance.


Quoted from in PERMENPAN PER/21/M-PAN/11/2008 it explains that the creation of SOPs must fulfil the principles such as the ease and clarity, efficiency and effectiveness, measurement, alignment, user oriented, dynamic, compliance towards law and legal certainty:


  1. Make the work arrangement

As a new company, you can create the work arrangement that is ideal and in accordance with your company’s vision and mission. Moreover, you and the existing team need to determine what things should be discussed in the SOP.


  1. Arrange the workflow

In this step, you have to choose the format, create the template, set the process flow and determine how the SOP will be accessed.


  1. Conduct interview

This interview step is very important to find out what has happened in the field. Interviewing employees is needed to find out what kind of activities they do at work and how they work.


  1. Write, Discuss & Socialize

After conducting interviews and examining the work management documents, the company can start writing SOPs, discussing it again with the relevant parties and seeing if there is still a regulatory gap between the employees and the company. If there is an agreement then it can start to be socialized.


  1. Conduct Training

After being agreed and socialized, it is necessary to conduct training so that the SOP can run properly and according to what is expected.


  1. Conduct evaluation

At least once a year, the company must evaluate the relevance of the SOP whether there are things that must be added or eliminated.


The difference is, the development of the new company / start-up is now also supported by millennial workers and experts. Are you sure that SOP standards printed on pages can be understood well by employees? SOP printed on pages can be inefficient and ineffective since now, we can execute the SOP by using technology, for instance smartphone.


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