The 3 Powerful Messages from Ciputra to Make Your Business Successful

The 3 Powerful Messages from Ciputra to Make Your Business Successful

Successful Business Tips – Everyone has the opportunity to have a successful business. That there is no exception in building a successful business is believed by an inspiring figure, Ir. Ciputra or Tjie Tjin Hoan, an engineer and a businessman in Indonesia that is still victorious at the age of 87 years old.


Ciputra’s business in the realm of successful property, including Jaya Group, Metropolitan Group, dan Ciputra Group. Moreover, he is also known as a philanthropist, and works in the field of education by developing Ciputra schools and universities.


In 2011, Forbes released a list of the richest people in Indonesia, Ir. Ciputra placed the 27th rank with a total wealth of US $ 950 million (source: Wikipedia). Ciputra’s inspirational figure who is not only rich in brilliant thinking but also his works should be our role model. Don’t hesitate to start and run a business. Follow this business tips from Ciputra to run your business.


In the 5th Annual Jakarta Marketing Week 2017 conducted in Jakarta, written in Liputan6, Ciputra explained on how to be a successful business by applying the three principles that he called as IPE standing for Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneur. Here is the explanation of IPE:


  1. Integrity

Integrity is an important fundamental in building a successful business and becomes a fundamental in having the trust relationship. “Integrity is a morale and honesty that becomes a fundamental in running a business.”


  1. Professionalism

Being professional is like having an expertise. The expertise itself is categorized into some, for instance, the expertise in technology etc. Having an expertise in the field that we are into it becomes a good thing in running business successfully.


  1. Entrepreneur
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Ciputra explained that entrepreneur is the one who drives the economic development of a country and can turn the rubbish into gold. The (entrepreneurship) becomes a crucial thing in reducing the inequality gap.


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Business cannot grow up without the entrepreneur skill. A company without a leader having entrepreneur skill will find it hard to grown his business due to the unstable markets.


Well, that’s the 3 messages and tips from Ciputra to make your business successful from small businesses to large businesses. His success tips can encourage you to be as successful as him. In his old age, he still has a lot of thoughts to keep his business developed from time to time.