Tips on How to Negotiate Salary in a New Job

Tips on How to Negotiate Salary in a New Job

Starting job in a new company makes you expect to earn salary higher than before. However, you often miss the things to get a higher salary. According to Journal of Organization, the applicants fail to get a higher salary when negotiating salary during the interview.

Here are five tips to get a higher salary during negotiation in a new job:


  1. Conduct a research

Before going to the interview, you should find out the job you are applying; find out the job description on some job vacancy sites. A few job vacancy sites usually provide a feature to review the salary for each position. Moreover, you can ask your experienced colleagues whose position you are applying or who work in that company.


  1. Negotiate your salary when you are accepted in the company.

According to Noel Smith-Wenkel, a well-known headhunter in the 1980s, if a company asks you to fill the expected salary on the interview form, just leave it blank because it is the way that Noel does to earn a lot of money from his clients during salary negotiation.


  1. Let the company offer you the salary first

After the interview process, the next process is the process of offering the salary. In this process, it is better for you to ask for time to consider the salary offered. Considering the offer will open the opportunity to raise the salary offered. According to Noel, the salary offered can be much higher than you expect. If the salary offered is higher than you expect, you can take the job. However, if the offer does not meet your expectation, you can say that the nominal offered has not met your expectation. Moreover, you don’t need to mention the nominal you expect to the company.

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  1. Negotiate the counter for 10% above the initial offer.

The next process is to negotiate the counter for 10% above the initial salary offer. Before negotiating, you have to consider your previous work experience. You can negotiate the counter for 10% above the salary offered as long as your previous work experience can be helpful to make your current company move forward. Besides, you have to consider the salary you negotiate. Do not get too much to raise the nominal of the salary as it can make you fail in this recruitment.


  1. Look for the benefits other than the basic salary

Try to calculate your salary in detail. If your expected salary cannot be granted, you can consider the benefits given by the company. Moreover, you have to consider health insurance, BPJS, profession tax payment and other benefits such as food and transport allowance. In addition, you need to take a note the experience and knowledge that will be obtained during working in the company. The more knowledge you will get, the more you get the benefits that are obtained other than the basic salary you receive.


After trying all the tips, it is your time to consider your decision whether the offer has met your expectation or not.