The Other Way to Record Attendance Through Mobile Phone Besides Using Fingerprints

The Other Way to Record Attendance Through Mobile Phone Besides Using Fingerprints

Online Attendance Record – One of challenges faced by HRD is to determine through what method of recording attendance is the most appropriate for the company and employees. Moreover, the attendance record is believed to be one of the references for evaluating employee compliance with company regulations. Through reports of employees’ attendance, companies can weigh the employee’s productivity in the office and the work performances by considering the attendance record of each employee. From the several employees attendance record options, the company should consider the strength and weakness of each employees attendance record options. Moreover, company should conduct a mini research for what options of recording attendance that is economical, efficient and effective.


If we have a look, the attendance record by using fingerprint is still used by the majority of companies in Jakarta. Are attendance machines using fingerprint machine still effective for recording employee attendance? Recording attendance by using fingerprint machine often faces the technical problems. Moreover, errors in electronic goods often occur, especially if the machine is used at any time and many people. It is very likely that the machine will face an error.
See these following problems in recording attendance through fingerprint machine. Do you experience these problems?


  1. The sensor identification runs slowly.
  1. The machine faces an error
  1. The machine cannot scan
  1. The time and date of recording attendance are inappropriate
  1. The computer cannot connect to the data submitted.


Some of the points above are the weaknesses of the fingerprints machine complained by both employees and HRD who process the attendance reports. However, using the fingerprint machine does not mean that it has no advantages. Until now, the fingerprint machine is still used by many companies due to its superiority and high stability yet it still needs the regular machine maintenance to ensure its performance which spend a lot of money.


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The online attendance feature  for employees is a possibility for companies to start implementing it now. Online attendance solution by recording employee’s attendance time through mobile aims to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company. Moreover, it is more economical. If employees whose jobs are mobile which needs them to work out of office, it will surely be more effective by recording attendance through online rather than installing a fingerprint machine.


With this online attendance record that can be accessed through mobile phone, employees will be able to record their activity schedules in real time easily and company will also be able to monitor the working time management of their respective employees.


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