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Why settle for less?Better HRIS Experience

GreatDay HR is one stop solution Human Resource Information System. Equipped with comprehensive HR-centric features and high quality human support, GreatDay HR helps HR manage all aspects of employee lifecycle effortlessly. GreatDay HR is the best investment for long-lasting benefits.

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Trusted in the HR Industry with HRIS Professionals & Experts

24+ Years of Experience
1.000.000+ Users
3000+ Companies
4 Countries in South East Asia

Join with 3000+ companies across Asia to create better experience by automating their HR manual tasks

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Redefine HR limits with GreatDay HR

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Fully-featured HRIS System

The most suitable HR management system to manage company & employee data.

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Fraud-free Guarantee Attendance System

Easy clock-in and out with flexibility, anytime anywhere. An attendance system that is fully integrated to payroll. Capture real-time and real-location only.

by GreatDay HR


Effortless Payroll Process

Fast and accurate payroll calculation with all data attendance system integration, along with automatic alignment and payslip distribution.

by GreatDay HR


Well-ordered Recruitment Process

Support end-to-end recruitment processes from managing job openings, maintaining candidates’ data, to scheduling interviews directly on the app.

by GreatDay HR


Seamless Performance Management

Empower high performance culture by making employees accountable for measurable results. Completed with various metrics and KPI Calculation Rounding.

by GreatDay HR

Create Employees' Financial Wellness with Benefits by GreatDay HR

Benefits provides an Earned Wage Access (EWA) program that allows workers to withdraw their salary before payday. The good news is, Benefits is also automatically integrated with HR & Payroll System by GreatDay HR!

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by GreatDay HR

of businesses have implemented a new method to track employee's overall productivity and performance for their remote workers.


of HR leaders are concerned over the security of HR data.


of businesses use HR technology to find and retain their talents.

by GreatDay HR

HR and employee management become more efficient and easier than ever. Here's how

by GreatDay HR

Enjoy Ease

Creating extraordinary user experience is our top priority. GreatDay HR is designed remote-friendly and easy to set up to eliminate customer's pain points. Making all HR tasks and payroll process run effortlessly.

Save Time & Increase Productivity

All data is captured real-time, updated automatically, and integrated to all corresponding functions. That’s why GreatDay HR is reliable in calculating payroll and taxes less than one hour. Let’s do more, with less.

Save Cost

Not only drastically reduce additional manpower and certain materials spending, but also scaling up company profits. GreatDay HR is a system that accommodates future growth. Profitable, yet affordable.

Dont take our word for it.
Here's what our customers say

GreatDay HR is full package. They can manage employee's data, facilitate communication between HR department and employees, help with recruitment candidate selection, and monitor attendance. Decision making process is easier and faster now.

Marcella Bunga
HR Manager

Customer Testimonials

All administrative matters and payroll calculation are easier now. Most importantly, it's easy-to-use and comprehensible for all ages. Their customer supports are also excellent, ready on call even after working hour. Good job, GreatDay.

HR Supervisor | PT Rocket Jaya Abadi

Of course it has a big impact. Now, we can conveniently monitor employee attendance. Moreover, there is Face Matching and Liveness Check which are very effective in helping us to manage attendance data without worrying whether its fake, or not.

Assistant Manager | PT Prima Karya Sarana Sejahtera

Now, our employees are more orderly!

HRD & GA Manager | Tsuciya Manufacturing Indonesia

GreatDay HR has been very helpful. Our work has become faster and faster each day. Also, employees can easily record their attendance and apply leave right in the app. Lastly, their customer supports are very responsive.

Civil Service Analyst | Universitas Bangka Belitung

Very sophisticated. All employees, wherever they are placed, can be connected and well supervised by us.

Human Capital | PT Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera

When there are issues regarding employees’ tardiness, we can attach a proof of recap from GreatDay HR system, and that’s a huge relief! From the first training, many employees immediately understood how to use it. No wonder, since it is very easy and simple.

Human Resource | Homastas Minimarket