Activity Recording

Oversee your employees’ activity and monitor their performance by reviewing their activity records. Your team only needs to take a picture of what they are doing and our activity recording feature will give you accurate and real-time location data.

Geo Tagging

For maximum growth, companies need accurate data in every department. In support of this, we have also armed our activity recording feature with geotagging technology, resulting in 100% location data accuracy.

Combined with an in-depth description and an accompanying picture, you’ll have everything you need to know about your employees’ work activity at your fingertips.

Real-Time Records

With our activity recording feature, you can oversee employee activity in the app as GreatDay HR enables employees to capture their current activities in real-time.

This gives you time to hustle more and grow your company without worrying too much about employee productivity.

Easily Adjusted with Shift and Schedule

Especially useful for hybrid workforces, GreatDay HR enables you to determine whether an employee needs to record activities based on their shifts and schedules.

You can decide how many daily activity recording WFH employees need to fulfill according to their role and position. You can also assign office-based employees to record their activities, depending on company policy.

Complete Report with Visual Details and Notes

GreatDay HR also enables employees to take pictures of them successfully completing their tasks and provide a detailed description of what they achieved.

This combination of both visual and text details of employee activities gives you a complete understanding of what your employees did at a specific time of day.


Just open the GreatDay HR app, click More, select Record Activity and click Add Activity Recording

The Activity Record feature in GreatDay HR makes it easy for you to monitor employee activity in the field. Photo and GPS features make it easier for employees to provide periodic reports to their superiors regarding the activities they carry out in the field.

Of course. Apart from on-site employees, GreatDay HR and our activity recording feature can also support employees working from home. Employees only need to report to the supervisor if they want to work from home and record their activities regularly to provide concrete evidence that they are indeed WFH.

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