Aside from providing professional benefits, GreatDay HR can also help you support your employees’ personal lives with several beneficial features, such as enabling them to pay their bills and taking out an advance of their salary right in the app.

Easy to set up, simple to use, and integrated with the payroll system, our benefits feature will make assisting your employees’ personal lives more efficient than ever before, at no additional cost.

Cash Advance

Money is essential to survival. We know that as a fact. However, it’s not always readily available, which can be a cause for concern. With Cash Advance, you and your employees don’t have to worry anymore. Request a loan with ease and receive it right when you need it.

Top Up and Bill

Digital technology has made everything faster and more convenient. This is especially true for online transactions which offer unparalleled benefits when compared to manual ones. GreatDay HR developed the Top Up and Bill feature that makes it easier for employees to perform online transactions.

Transfer Service

When transferring money between different banks, you usually need to pay an administrative fee, which is not usually cheap. Having to make multiple transfers could cost your company more than you anticipate. With Transfer Service, you and your employees can send money to any bank without any administrative fee.


GreatDay HR works with several well-known and experienced third parties in every benefit offered. Employees will be given the option to pay it by themselves or through the company. So, the party responsible for making benefit payments depends on the employee’s choice.

If the employee decides to pay personally, the employee will pay the benefit they chose through their personal bank account. If the employee decides to pay through the company, the payment will be made by deducting their salary at the end of each month.

If there are problems with benefit payments and employees chose to pay it personally, they will be in direct contact with a third party that provides benefits without contacting the company. If the company took care of employee benefits from the start, then the company would have to deal with the benefit providers.

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