Auto Deduct from Payroll

Get an early advance on your salary with the GreatDay HR app! Every withdrawal of funds will be automatically connected to the payroll system and funds are immediately drawn from the upcoming salary.

Company management, especially the finance department, no longer needs to do complicated administration.

Real-Time Transfers

With Cash Advance from GreatDay HR, employees can receive cash withdrawals quickly and in real-time. Meeting your employees’ life necessities or sudden needs will no longer be an issue for your company.

Remaining Balance and Usage History

Cash Advance also provides a history of withdrawals and a limit on the number of funds that can be withdrawn each month to help employees manage finances from their salaries.

Fast and Easy Payroll Withdrawal

Get emergency funds quickly and safely through Cash Advance. Over time, your employees might be faced with urgent needs that require additional funds.

By withdrawing funds outside of the payroll season with Cash Advance, your employees’ financial well-being will remain safe and sound

Automatic Withdrawal Limit

The amount that can be withdrawn by employees will vary depending on the amount of salary and the maximum percentage that can be taken.

Employees can immediately see the number of limits per month that have been calculated automatically. Funds can also be directly disbursed and transferred at the same time.

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