Keep Your Employees on The Loop

Smooth employee communication is essential to enhance collaboration. This is why the chat feature was developed, to make employee communication feel much smoother and strengthen their relationship.

Secure, Safe, and Suitable for All Levels of Communication

No need to hesitate if you want to send important messages to your boss or co-workers. Communication can be done comfortably and securely with the chat feature of GreatDay HR.

Easily Create a Group Chat

With GreatDay HR, you can send messages to many people at once by creating a Group Chat. Simplify your company’s communication process through the chat feature of GreatDay HR

Effortless Data Sharing

To help streamline employee communication, GreatDay HR provides a File Sharing feature that makes it easier for you to share files within the company.

In-App Task Delegation

Assign tasks to your employees directly through the App! Experience increased employee productivity and higher overall company efficiency thanks to simpler workflows with GreatDay HR.

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