Manual leave request forms can cause administrative headaches with unnecessarily complicated approval processes. With GreatDay HR, employees can make leave requests in just a few clicks, for fast and straightforward processing!

Customizable Leave Types

Employees can request any type of leave directly in the app. Aside from the usual annual, marriage, personal, and sick leave, you can easily customize and add any type of leave that your company offers.

Easy overtime requests

GreatDay HR enables greater autonomy to employees by allowing them to submit overtime requests right in the app! You can also create custom overtime types and arrange for employees to work overtime in just a few clicks away.

Thanks to payroll system integration, any employee working overtime will always receive fair compensation.

Streamlined Approval Process

With GreatDay HR, requesting leave is simpler than ever and only takes a single click. Any request is automatically sent to the respective employee’s supervisor for approval. Enjoy faster, more transparent approval processes with GreatDay HR.

Access Leave and Overtime history anytime

Employees can easily view both past and current leave requests, as well as overtime requests in the app. This enables them to keep track of how many days they have utilized, their leave balance, how many overtime hours they contributed, and the status of their current requests.


If you want to send a leave request, simply open the app click on ‘leave’ on the home screen, and tap on ‘new request’. From there, you can click on the type of leave you want to apply for.

If you want to request overtime, you can tap on ‘overtime’ on the home screen, and choose ‘new request’. Similar to requesting leave, you can also tap on the type of overtime you wish to apply for.

Applying for leave with GreatDay HR can be done simpler than conventional leave applications. Just open the app, click leave, make a new request, select the type of leave, fill in the start date and end date of leave, and click apply.

Super admins and supervisors from each division can open the notification sent by the GreatDay HR application when an employee sends a request for leave and overtime and immediately approves the request.

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