Employee Engagement

Company-employee engagement is more important than ever with collaboration and involvement taking center stage. GreatDay HR fully understands this and has developed several features to improve and enhance overall engagement.

Social Feed

The social feed was created to enhance company-employee engagement by pairing innovative HR practices with user-friendly digital technologies, resulting in an unbeatable combination. Let us help motivate and develop your modern-day employees.


Open, dynamic employee communication is essential to increasing collaboration. This is why the chat feature was developed, to make employee communication feel much more seamless and to enable and encourage the sharing of information or work achievement directly in the app.


Appreciation in the workplace is highly valued, especially when it’s delivered in a fun way. Gamification is one of the best ways to do that.

Employees can feel appreciated after earning points by unlocking various levels of achievements. A sense of fun and competition might just make them feel more motivated to do their job.

Employee Survey

Getting a general consensus across the company is important as it means everyone is on the same page and is moving forward towards the same goal. One way to gauge your team’s opinion on certain aspects is through employee surveys. Sending them out manually would take far too long, however.

With GreatDay HR, you can send any kind of survey right in the app and compile the responses automatically for a clear and concise picture of your team’s views on company objectives.

Company Mood Board

Similar but different to the employee survey, the company mood board feature was developed to measure how employees are doing, emotionally.

Employees can pick a smiley face to represent their mood for the day and why they feel that way by selecting categories such as career, teammates, working environment, and the like.

Additionally, your team can also write their opinion on what could be better for the company and send complaints, all right in the app.


You can upload any type of post into the GreatDay HR Social Feed. Ranging from how you are right now, your accomplishments and even company announcements.

Simple. You simply open the GreatDay HR application, click on the column next to your profile photo, and write the status you want to share. If you want to publish your achievements to everyone in the company, just click the achievements button. When you’ve finished filling in everything, click submit.

Certainly. You can modify employee surveys to suit your company’s needs. Whether it’s a survey for health or research conducted by your company, the employee survey feature of GreatDay HR can make it easier to retrieve employee data.

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