Touchless Attendance

Attendance recording is now safer than ever with GreatDay Kiosk! Employees only need to smile for the camera to record their attendance on any gadget with a front-facing camera in the most accessible location in your office.

Touch-free and hassle-free, what could be better?

No Smartphones Needed

One GreatDay Kiosk-powered gadget is capable of recording the attendance of every employee in your company. This centralized system makes it easier for your employees to record attendance if your company forbids them to use their smartphones while they work.

This also enables employees without a smartphone to record their attendance in the office!

Offline Mode

No Internet connection? No problem. GreatDay Kiosk will automatically upload your attendance record to our server as soon as you’re connected to the internet. Don’t worry, your attendance will show the exact time you record your attendance in offline mode.

Easy Payslip Checking

Employees can view and print payslips with the attached Bluetooth thermal printers.

Compatible and Easy to Use

Highly compatible with any gadget. Even with low-budget tablets and smartphones! Simply use any smartphone or tablet with a front-facing camera, install our app, and enjoy a much easier (and safer) attendance recording experience!

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