Intelligent Temperature Checking System (ITCS)

Workplace safety is critical as it can have a notable impact on employee productivity. The safer your work environment, the healthier your employees, which results in higher levels of efficiency. With our Intelligent Temperature Checking System (ITCS), your workplace safety is assured.

Accurate Temperature Checking

Measure your team’s body temperature in double-quick time! Half a second is all it takes to find out if your team’s temperature is deemed safe to enter the workplace.

Employees with normal body temperature will be able to record their attendance without taking off their masks. However, if the system detects an employee with a higher than normal temperature and/or without a mask, an alarm will sound and an alert will be sent to you.

Mask Verification

Masks are mandatory in these times, wherever we are. However, some people still don’t take this to heart and often forget to wear them. With the ITCS, that’s no longer an issue.

The system will remind employees to wear one. If they refuse, they will be denied entry and their attendance will not be recorded.


Just scan your face to the ITCS and the GreatDay app will send you a notification indicating that you have successfully recorded your attendance.

As per the general guidance, anything above 37.5 is considered higher than normal body temperature.

When the ITCS system detects an employee who has a high temperature, an alert will be sent to you and the employee will be advised to leave.

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