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Manage Your Employee Loans with Ease

Sometimes, your employees have urgent needs they need to cover. We make it simpler for you to keep all lending processes in check with scalable, end-to-end loan management platform.

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by GreatDay HR

Join with 3000+ companies across Asia to create better experience by automating their HR manual tasks

Easy Loan Management with Approval System

Automate your employees' loan lifecycle and track all lending processes in realtime. Approve loan requests as you go.

Automatically Deduct from Employee Payroll

Fully integrated with employee payroll system, we ensure accurate and on-time deduction that is customizable for your company's needs.

Generate Lending Report Anytime, Anywhere

No more worries about scattered or missing documents. Lending statements and reports can be generated in one click and is stored safely in the system.

Eliminate Human Errors and Risks

Loan management is complex and has different needs. This increases the risk of errors and miscalculations. We make lending easier with a system that handles complex calculation with accurate valuations.


of growth in the demand of Loan Service Management in 2021.

Other essential and powerful core-supporting features to help you solve all HR challenges

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Frequently Asked Question

Loan Management System is a platform that helps track and manage end-to-end loan processes. The platforms assists in calculating interests, fees, etc. It also helps in collecting payments and lowers the risk of bad debts
Yes. All payment processes are managed in the system to simplify your work
GreatDay HR ensures the security of each customer's data & privacy because we are equipped with ISO 27001 which is audited by BSI (British Standard Institution) as information security management standard