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These days, being healthy matters more than ever. Provide easy access to doctor consultations for your employees with our in-app online health consultation. Healthier days are now just one click away!

Exclusively on GreatDay HR, with YesDok

GreatDay HR is able to provide you with online health consultation thanks to our partnership with YesDok, one of Indonesia’s most renowned e-health services. Every YesDok doctor-partners are registered on the Indonesian Medical Council, ensuring accurate health information.

Real Time Consultation

Getting timely medical advice is critical as some diseases could worsen the longer you wait to act. With online health consultation, your employees will always get real-time medical information to help them deal with their health problems in double-quick time.

24 Hours Online Medical Service

Not just real-time, employees can get accurate medical service whenever they need to as our online health consultation is available 24/7 to assist in your employees’ wellbeing.

Online Prescription

After getting a diagnosis, your employees will also be given an online prescription. Combined with YesDok’s 24/7 medical service for timely medication delivery, consider your employee healthcare covered.

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