Operation Control

Ensuring the smooth running of your company can be a daunting task, especially if you have many departments and employees to manage, With GreatDay HR, all your administrative needs are stored in one integrated app, giving you better control.


Convenient activity planner right in the app! Your team can input the work they intend to do during the day or the activities they’ve finished doing with our timesheet feature.

Every detail, from the time the work activity starts to the type of activity, is available for employees to fill in. Integration with the payroll system means every member of your team is paid accurately and in a timely manner.

Tasks and Feedback

Assign various tasks and provide actionable feedback to your team members right in the app. Experience increased employee productivity and enhanced overall company efficiency thanks to a simplified workflow with GreatDay HR.


To ensure everything is where it’s supposed to be and always in one piece, constant supervision is needed. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. This is why GreatDay HR developed the Whistleblower feature. Any employee can report any damaged or stolen items.

If they catch another employee breaking rules or stealing items, they can also attach them as a Suspect. It’s all done right in the app and confidentiality is guaranteed.


Open the GreatDay HR application, scroll down until you find the timesheet, click the timesheet, and tap on Add activity. Fill in the required information, then click save. Easy, right?

You can assign any of the tasks to your employees. Just select your employee on the GreatDay HR app and click assign assignment. Fill in the information as clearly as possible so that employees understand their duties properly and click send.

The maximum amount of tardiness for an employee depends on individual company policies. However, in general, new employees will be sent a warning letter via HR buddy after being late for more than three (3) times.

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