Outsourcing Management

Managing outsourced employees can be confusing. GreatDay HR can help you out with that. Easily supervise the activities of your outsourced employees with their exact location data, all done in real-time and securely stored in our cloud with international security standards.

Geo Tracking

Keep an eye on the location of your outsourced employees’ location with geotracking. IT administrators will be able to accurately locate your employees, whether they are on the move or have arrived on their designated job site.


Making sure every company asset is where it should be can be a daunting task, especially if there are a multitude of things to keep track of. Errors are bound to happen. Our patrol feature helps prevent this.

Monitor all company assets by scanning the designated barcodes and updating the actual condition of every asset.

Panic Button

Emergency situations can sometimes happen and cause panic among your outsourced employees if they don’t have immediate solutions.

Our panic button reduces employee stress by enabling them to report dangerous conditions instantly, safe in the knowledge that authorities are on their way to diffuse the situation.


With the billing feature, companies can create invoices for outsourced employees directly in the app. The invoice sent can be set up according to the tasks done and is linked directly to the outsourcing management portal.


There is no maximum number of employees that you can register on the outsourcing management feature. You can register whatever number of employees you need.

The geotracking feature can help you track your employees in the field. Whether your employees work as couriers, inter-city logistics, or security guards, the geotracking feature can tell you where your employees are at any given time.

The biggest benefit of the billing feature is easier invoice making. You can create invoices for outsourced employees directly in the application and adjust them according to employee performance.

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