Ensure The Safety of Company Assets

Ensuring every company asset is where it should be can be a daunting task, especially when there are a lot of things to attend to. GreatDay HR and our Patrol feature will help ensure all assets are recorded with the latest conditions.

Easy to Use Tracking Features

To maintain the effectiveness of the work, GreatDay HR provides an easy-to-use patrol tracking feature. Which can only be good for the company, outsourcing management, and outsourcing officers on duty.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Get the latest news on the condition of the company’s assets that are automatically saved with information on the time and location. Officers can also add a written statement for additional information.

Inventory Checking with Barcode Technology

Monitor and ensure asset security with just a barcode scan. Our patrol from GreatDay HR can be adjusted according to the number of assets that must be reviewed. Officers only need to scan the barcode and view a list of assets that need to be confirmed.

In-App Asset Status Update

Patrol officers, patrol management, and company asset owners can get the latest status updates directly from the GreatDay HR app. Instant notifications will appear immediately for the parties involved.

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