Faster payroll calculation with minimum effort. Accurate and comprehensive, payroll season will no longer be a chore. In fact, you might even enjoy it as everything is done automatically. It’s time to embrace the new way of calculating payroll.

Automatic Tax Calculation

Compliant and up-to-date with the respective tax regulations of every market in which we operate, GreatDay HR ensures your salary calculation is always accurate with automatic tax calculation.

Reduced Paper Spending

Experience a dramatic reduction in paper expenses with GreatDay HR by moving to our cloud storage. Now you can manage your payroll anywhere you are in a matter of minutes!

Flexible Salary Components

Easily add any salary component that meets your company’s and your employees’ needs. From bonuses to transport and other allowances, you can adjust them anytime to ensure the smooth running of your company and your employees’ wellbeing.

Multiple Payroll Period

GreatDay HR enables you to customize as many payroll cycles as you prefer to meet your company’s demands and requirements.

Easily implemented to any employee, GreatDay HR makes payroll management a breeze with automatic salary calculation, ensuring your employees are always paid on time, regardless of the cut-off dates.


The GreatDay HR software payroll system is fully integrated with the online attendance system. Therefore, the results of salary calculations with the GreatDay HR system are guaranteed to be 100% accurate and done faster than ever. Payroll that used to take 5 days now only takes in 5 hours.

Yes! GreatDay HR automatically deducts income tax from the employee’s total salary and sends the net salary to the employee on time.

GreatDay HR always keeps an eye out to all the latest government policies and automatically updates all regulations regarding BPJS, PTKP, and the like.


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