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Ensure Accurate and Time-Efficient Payroll Process

Payroll season will no longer be a burden. GreatDay HR's fully-featured payroll system helps you to save tons of time and money, so you can enjoy payroll season like never before.

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Customized Salary Component

There are many components in payroll process, such as employee information, bonus, tax, or other earnings and deductions. Every company has different salary components, that's why GreatDay HR's payroll system offers customized salary components. Payroll officers can easily add any salary component that meet their companys' and employees' needs.

Automatic Component Calculation

Once a payroll officer has done setting up all the salary components, it will be calculated automatically. GreatDay HR ensures the salary calculation is always accurate. Compared with manual calculations, digitalized payroll system is more effective and save more time!

Multiple Payroll Periods

Companies in construction or property industry needs payroll software that enables them to customize as many payroll cycles as they prefer, since they need to pay different group of employees according to a different payroll schedule. GreatDay HR enables company with a weekly or bi-weekly pay periods to customize their own payroll cycle as needed.

Flexible to Access Mobile Payslip

Payslip is an official and essential proof of employement. It shows employee's nett earnings, taxes, and deductions within a given pay period. That's why it's important for all employee to have an easy yet private access to their payslips. Worry not! GreatDay HR automatically generates e-payslip every month before the paycheck. All employee also can securely access their payslip by entering their personalized password.


of payroll officers said that inefficient process are one of payroll process pain points.


of payroll officers are consider the payroll technology requiring too much manual efforts.


of payroll officers noted widespread payroll data issues.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we can! GreatDay HR automatically deducts income tax from the employee's total salary.
GreatDay HR always keeps an eye out to all the latest government policies and automatically updates all regulations regarding BPJS, PTKP, and etc.