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Flexible to Access Mobile Payslip

Mobile e-payslips make it even easier for your team to review their salary as they can check them whenever they need to. Thanks to password protection, automatic payslip delivery, and access to every salary component, they will have zero reason to worry and more reasons to rejoice.

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Real-time Delivery

GreatDay HR ensures your employees receive their payslips the moment your payroll calculation finishes. This allows your employees to review the exact amount of salary they earn each month and gives them time to speak to HR should there be a miscalculation.

Downloadable to Any Format

Different employee needs might require different file formats. GreatDay HR understands this and enables your employees to download their payslips to any format they need.

Complete With Tax Details

Transparency is important. Which is why GreatDay HR can help you send payslips with every single detail including tax cuts and other reductions so employees know exactly how their take-home pay is calculated.


Employee payslips are password protected and available electronically by simply signing in on the GreatDayHR mobile app. Employees have access to their own payroll information to confirm payment, manage monthly earning and arrange for their financial planning. Talk about a morale booster!

Multi-country compliance

GreatDayHR is fully compliant with tax and security regulations in these countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Hong Kong. This ensures TOX/SSO/EPM/MPF/CPF compliance and any changes to taxation and benefits legislation are always updated and computed automatically.

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