Affiliated with Trusted E-wallet Partners

GreatDay HR and our affiliation with a trusted E-Wallet partner enables your employees to easily connect their personal accounts and send funds through the Top Up feature.

Pay Your Bills Directly with GreatDay HR

Various kinds of basic bills such as electricity, water, telephone, and BPJS can also be paid directly through the Top Up feature of GreatDay HR. This way, your employees won’t need to switch from different platforms to pay their various bills.

Integrated with Payroll Deduction System

The Top Up feature is also automatically connected to the payroll system. Employees don’t need to bother transferring money to various places, they can directly allocate their salaries to pay for basic needs or refill their E-Wallet.

No Hidden Fees

By using Top Up from GreatDay HR, administration fees for refills and bill payments are eliminated. Employees can calmly manage their finances at any time.

Complete Withdrawal History

GreatDay HR also provides a clear and organized list of withdrawals, top-ups, and bill payments. Of course, the history of withdrawal of funds will greatly assist employees in reviewing the allocation of funds in each period.

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