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Accelerate Overall Business Growth with GreatDay HR

One of the secrets to grow your business quickly is being adaptable and investing in HRIS Software. We help your business be fully prepared for various working situations, provide insightful reports, and ensure all employee productivity. We're ready to help.

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Executive Challenges

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Difficulty in Obtaining HR Reports

All HR data can be incredibly valuable for the entire organization. It provides a lot of critical insights regarding company's workforce, such as turnover, recruiting, attendance, employee growth, and etc. Moreover, HR reports can affect how the companies make decisions. As we know how beneficial HR report for the company, a problem has also arisen; the difficulty in obtaining a simple yet helpful HR report.

Employee Productivity Monitoring

Measuring and monitoring employee productivity is a necessary thing for both large and small companies. But we can't do it manually, nor without a clear goal and measurement. Measuring performance and productivity also give founders/owners insight to identify areas where their business is lacking. Whether their business is running well or running the other way, they need to find tools that help them figure it out.

Choosing The Right System for Efficient Payroll Processing

Why is this being an important issue for founders and owners? Because it relates to business operations. A successful business operation largely depends on employees. In the meanwhile, payroll is one of the ways companies can appreciate employee's services. That's why founders/owners need to ensure they use a payroll system that covers all its complexities.

Recruit and Retain Best Talent

All company in different industries inevitably face issue related to recruiting and retaining their best talents. Attracting the best talents takes time, effort, and hard work from HR. But essentially, company should have the best way to attract and retain the most valuable talents. Is that possible to do it without increasing company expenses?

Assist HR Reports and Personal Decisions

The importance of HRIS for a company's growth has been highlighted, as the adoption of HRIS aids the HR department to be more efficient and productive. The advantage of having all HR procedures automated is that all necessary information is well-stored in the system's database. This allows the ease of retrieving relevant data for HR analytics and reporting when needed. GreatDay HR is an HRIS that provides a one-stop solution to integrate, automate, and optimize all your HR processes. Our system is built to assist administrative procedures and human resource day-to-day tasks at higher levels of efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, GreatDay HR made highly accessible, no longer limited to work desk and paper files.

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Set A Clear Strategic Goals with Performance Appraisal

Performance feature by GreatDay HR is designed for all founders/owners to improve their employee productivity. Yet, we cannot improve what we do not measure. Therefore, GreatDay HR provides various measurement metrics that will help founders/owners evaluate each appraisal points. GreatDay HR also has a complete KPI calculation rounding, and with that company can customize the desired calculation.

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Hassle-free Payroll Management

Payroll processing should be fast and easy, no matter how large or small the organization is, how many the components are, and etc. GreatDay HR makes it easy to customize payroll components that are applied in the company. Once the payroll officer has done setting up all the salary components, it will be calculated automatically. GreatDay HR ensures the salary calculation is always accurate. Owners can see all the payroll history and report anytime. We also generate e-payslip every month before the paycheck that employees can securely access by entering their personalized password. GreatDay HR is a higher solution for company's payroll processing!

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Support Employee Financial Wellness

As a solution-driven HRIS software with financial benefits, GreatDay HR encourages founders and owners to create a healthy working environment that attracts best talents in the pool. One of the examples is by facilitating them with financial wellness program. Meet Benefits by GreatDay HR! Benefits is an Earned Wage Access (EWA) program that allows workers to withdraw their salaries before payday.This program is not a loan, but surely can replace the loan system in your company. Proven to be a competitive selling point to win your top talents! Benefits is also automatically integrated with GreatDay HR system. No more manual input in employee calculation!

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of business uses HR technology to find and retain their talents.


of organizations said that performance management is a vital system for growth.


of payroll officers said that inefficient process is one of payroll process pain points.

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Roland Poehlmann
Manager Director at PT. Hafele Indonesia

"With GreatDay HR, we have a mobile system which allows much more flexibility as well as transparency due to the location tracking. GreatDay HR is a very good solution which very user-friendly because its operated with mobile phone."