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GreatDay HR provides a single, streamlined, automated solution that helps you easily manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from payroll and tax calculations, to attendance records, leave requests, and reimbursements.

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Trusted by More Than 2000 Companies

Core Features That Address All Your HR Management Needs

Empower your employees with an active internal platform, instant request approval, and a powerful task management system.

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Dynamic company-employee interaction with an internal social media platform to share happy moments and achievements.

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Sending, receiving, and giving tasks, made more efficient with the GreatDay HR app. Feedback and appraisals are now just one click away!

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Say goodbye to complicated approval processes. Employees can send leave and overtime requests in a few clicks. Smooth approval processes ensure quick responses.

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Equipped with facial recognition technology and geotagging, checking in and out is just one selfie away!

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Keep track of your employees' performances with the Activity Recording feature. Fully equipped with GPS tracking and real-time data.

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Manage, create, and adjust shift schedules more seamlessly than ever before! Any shift changes are automatically applied across the board thanks to payroll and attendance integration.

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Fast and accurate payday calculation with attendance system integration, along with automatic alignment and distribution of payslips.

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Access password-protected mobile payslips anytime and anywhere, with peace of mind. View every salary component detail right in the app.

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Core-supporting features suitable for all businesses, big or small. Powerful and flexible, our advanced features can help you overcome any challenge.

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Filter the most suitable candidates easily and conduct interviews with them right in the app.

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Annual evaluations are now a thing of the past. Manage your employee's performance in real-time and give actionable feedback whenever necessary right in the app.

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Ensure the safety of your workspace by using the GreatDay HR-powered Intelligent Temperature Checking System (ITCS), integrated with the attendance system

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One-stop solution to accelerate growth and profitability by making HR and talent management more efficient and easier than ever

Enjoy Ease

Mobile and Remote-friendly

Great user experience is critical. Which is why the GreatDay HR app is mobile-friendly, creating a seamless experience for you and your team to use, wherever and whenever you are.

Easy Setup

Employee data management has never been easier. Your employees can easily download the app on the play store and app store for convenient and quick setup.


Actual time is automatically applied to every check-in and check-out, ensuring fraud-free attendance data.

Save Time

Fully Integrated, Instantly Updated

GreatDay HR is cloud-based, which means any and all data is updated in a blink of an eye and is integrated to all corresponding functions.

Effortless Employee Management

Checking up on and being notified of your employee's performance with your phone means more time to focus on your company's growth.

Quick and Accurate Payroll Calculation

Calculate your payroll in under an hour with GreatDay HR and our Multi-country tax compliance.

Increase Productivity

Hustle More, Hassle less

Administrative work is tedious and time-consuming. Let us do it for you. This gives you more time to accelerate your business growth.

Enhance Company-Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is a productive employee. GreatDay HR enables the company to send tasks, give appraisals, feedback, record their activity, and so on. You get the idea.

Zero Employee Request Waiting Time

Employees can instantly send leave, overtime, reimbursement, and claim requests to the company. No more complicated approval processes.

Save Costs

Reduce Spend to Earn More

Drastically reduce paper and additional manpower spending, invest a little on GreatDay HR to help drive profits.

Affordable and Reliable

Affordable yearly subscription, enabling you to scale up your company quicker than ever before. And that's before mentioning our cloud storage with internationally certified security standards.

GreatDay HR Overview

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GreatDay HR User Testimonials

GreatDay HR is trusted by thousands of companies, from small start-ups to large enterprises. We are passionate about supporting our clients on their journey to becoming great companies - great businesses, great workplaces, and great people. Here is what some of our Great clients have to say about our partnership.

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HR Admin

Greatday amat membantu syarikat saya dalam memantau semua pekerja. Kerana kami banya cawangan & berada di berlainan negeri. Jadi ia amat memudahkan urusan bagi memantau mereka.


Interface Greatday sangat menarik & senang untuk dikelola oleh saya dan team saya. Terima Kasih Greatday HR dalam membantu memudahkan urusan sumber manusia saya!!

Image by GreatDay HR
Sensorik Automation Sdn Bhd


HR Account

GreatDay system has helped us monitor the attendance of all our staff and also reduce their lateness. It also helps us calculate our Payroll every month. We are satisfied with this HR system.

Image by GreatDay HR
Choco Loco Cafe Sdn Bhd

"Mhd Hadi Asasa"


The app is very helpful and easy to use. Glad to know you guys, Good job!

Image by GreatDay HR
NKM Plumbing Engineering Sdn Bhd


General Clerk

This app has many functions, ranging from attendance to payroll and much more. After the GreatDay HR team trained us, we were able to use the app easily. Their customer service is also good as they responded quickly to our issues and explained everything to us very clearly.

Image by GreatDay HR
Afters Bakery Plt

"Irwan Rosli"


GreatDay has been a great help managing our employees in terms of attendance recording, managing leave, and claims. The system is flexible that can be fitted into various business purposes. In our case, we have complex working hours and workdays. The system is quite flexible to fit the criteria and as flexible as needed.


They also have a great support team to help us set up and tailor to our needs. The app being available for both iOS and Android also helps a lot. During my subscription, they improved on the app layout, and I hope they keep on improving.

Image by GreatDay HR
Skapero Group Berhad



GreatDay HR is an easy-to-use, pleasant, and very organized system that is suitable for all levels of business. Customer service is also very helpful, friendly, easy to understand, and responded so fast.

Image by GreatDay HR
Ak Maju Resources Sdn Bhd

"Siti Fatimah "


System is easy to use and overtime was automated. Hence is easy to calculate employee payroll

Image by GreatDay HR
Alpha Prolink Sdn Bhd

"Ms. Jasanta"

HR & Admin Executive

GreatDay HR makes everything highly customizable and is helpful as a HR and Payroll system. Technical help and support are always prompt. Reasonably priced for the features it offers. It’s great to know that it is continuously developing for its clients ??

Image by GreatDay HR
Duniatel Engineering Sdn Bhd

"Ms Chan"

Honestly you guys service is very good, just that the system can’t fully support on the OT, especially for those who working two shift in a day.

Image by GreatDay HR
Ayra Transport Service

"Ms. Syaza"

Admin Executive

I think this system is very easy to use and to understand. Basically, its user friendly. It also very helpful in managing our employees' attendance, claim, and salary. It helps me a lot in doing several HR tasks. And lastly, we have easy access to the customer services, they're also fast response.

Image by GreatDay HR
Afm Capital Sdn Bhd

"Mohd Fadzli Abdul Halim"

Senior Manager

The system is easy to used for the staff, the support team very helpful. ?

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