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malaysia budget 2023
Responsibilities of Human Resources in Malaysia

Malaysia Budget 2023 has taken over headlines of all local…

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responsibilities of HR
Responsibilities of Human Resources in Malaysia

Every industry needs the role of human resource to keep…

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HR planning process
Human Resource Planning Process and Its Benefits

Human resources often contribute to the company’s current and future…

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challenge of hrm
Challenges of Human Resource Management in 2022

Human resources has been described as the backbone of a…

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employee wellness article
Things to Note About Employee Wellness Programs in Malaysia

As hiring is becoming more and more competitive across industries,…

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All You Need to Know About Organizational Goals and Objectives

Having clear goals and objectives set you up for success…

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​​Employee Counterproductive Work Behaviors (CWB): “Quiet Quitting” is Nothing New

"Quiet quitting" has recently grabbed the internet’s attention, as many…

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Employee Training: 5 Important Skills for Teamwork

Employee training is an essential part of talent management, as…

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The Importance of HRIS for Your Business Growth

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) generally refers to software designed…

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HR Outsourcing in Malaysia

Regardless of industry, HR outsourcing is a great option for…

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HR Ideas: Leadership Training for Employees That Actually Works

As team structures are widely used in companies to optimize…

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Employee Handbooks in Malaysia: Purposes, Outline, Tips and Professional Options

Remember how your new bought electronic devices came with their…

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Employee Job Satisfaction: Key to Organizational Performance

Employee job satisfaction has been highlighted in numerous retain strategies.…

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