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Support yourself and your team: The Importance of Mental Health

During this pandemic, for employees’ safety and health, most of…

By administrator   |  

How To Stay Productive While WFH?

Still working from home and having issues staying productive at…

By administrator   |  

WSP 4.0 - Update WSP 4.0 Information in your Employees' Payslips

Do you know as an employer, you should include the…

By administrator   |  

5 Common Problems of Online Meetings

Online meetings are nowadays the latest trend ever since Covid-19…

By administrator   |  

Benefits of Cloud Technology For Your Business

In this new era, technology has been getting more advanced…

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Supervisor's Guide to Managing Virtual Meetings

During this pandemic, even though we are allowed to go…

By administrator   |  

Managing Employee Leaves and Claims While WFH

In this new era, most companies are implementing WFH (work…

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Recruitment during a pandemic? What to expect? Hiring the right talent via virtual interview?

Hiring the right talent is possible even during this pandemic.…

By administrator   |  

Employee Management 101: Remote Working Shifts

During this pandemic, assigning working shift to staff could be…

By administrator   |  

Providing Employee Benefits during Pandemic

With the latest SOP, it’s hard to catch up with…

By Rifqi Renanda   |  

How HR Leaders can Adapt during Pandemic?

It has been more than a year since Covid-19 hits.…

By Monica Permana   |  


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