5 Common Problems of Online Meetings

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Online meetings are nowadays the latest trend ever since Covid-19 hits. We see a lot of issues arose from virtual meetings and we have been trying hard to overcome them. Scroll down to know more about the top 5 common problems of online meetings and how you can host a virtual meeting like a pro!

Issue 1: Unstable Internet

The stability of your home internet is crucial as it affects almost everything while you work from home. Unstable internet would cause interruption in communication to your virtual meeting with superior, colleague or even client. It’s always important to make sure your internet speed is working well and properly at all times. If you notice your internet is not up to your expectation, you should reach out to your internet service provider and seek consultation from them to avoid any issues. 

Issue 2: Unstable Online Meeting Platform & Video Quality

As virtual meet became common, there are numerous online meeting platforms providers offering free online meeting services. However, you should choose wisely and select the right platform that suits your needs. It is advisable to pick a matured and well-developed platform to avoid problems such as low audio and video quality. Besides, a well-established platform offers a stable platform for you to host your virtual meeting too. 

Issue 3: Security 

A secured platform would be the best option as you probably do not want your meeting content to be leaked by hackers for improper use. Pick a well secured and encrypted platform to make sure all your conversations are always safe. 

Issue 4: Maximum Number of Participants

Some platforms only allow less than 10 participants for the free version, if you want to invite more participants, you will need to switch to the paid version which might not be a good choice for some individuals / small companies. As such, it is advisable to opt for a free yet secured platform which does not limit the number of participants.

Issue 5: Time Limit

Some free platforms allow you to only host a meeting which is less than an hour, which might not be the right option if you are having a long catch up with your subordinates, colleagues or even clients. Hence, you should also opt for a platform that does not limit the time of your meeting. 

Still wondering how you can get a suitable platform for your company?

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