Benefits of Cloud Technology For Your Business

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In this new era, technology has been getting more advanced and it simply has helped us in improving our working life. As an HR, with the cloud technology, it has benefited in several ways:-

💡1. Environmentally Friendly 

Manual documenting and filing company and employee data has taken up so much space and will always need to think of a new place and shelf to store files. These actions may also lead to misplaced in the wrong hands, loss, or even damage. The worst case is, a fire could burn all the important documents and you won’t be able to retrieve that information anymore. 

With GreatDay HR, you will experience a dramatic reduction in paper expenses as all the data will be in cloud storage. This has not only helped to reduce carbon footprint and there is no need to worry about data security as GreatDay HR is fully compliant with all Quality Management System Standards – ISO9001:2015 and meets all ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Requirements. All the data will have a backup file and it is safer due to credentials being needed to get into the system. 

💡2. Cost Saving

In manual documenting, expenses for paper and ink are not cost-efficient in the long run for the company. Not only that, there will be a higher risk of human error due to human beings being more likely to make mistakes such as wrong deductions on the statutory bodies. Hence, you will need to have more eyes to check on the accuracy of the data. 

With GreatDay HR, it has simply helped to avoid human error and labour cost can also be reduced. Besides, it saves time by having all the data stored in one secured cloud-based system. 

💡3. Mobility 

Endless hardcopy claims form, struggling with leave entitlement, need to export attendance data from the thumbprint machine, and difficulty to look for some important documents. The down part is all of the documents are in the office during this pandemic. 

With GreatDay HR, HR can now easily access the data anywhere at any time.  As for the employee, they can easily submit claims, apply for leave, and even view their e-payslip.

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