Employee Management 101: Remote Working Shifts

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During this pandemic, assigning working shift to staff could be quite challenging. It is also time consuming to arrange working shift and assigning staff to different office / branch / client site. To speed up the process, GreatDay HR is here to help! 

💡 Assign shift to employee
Arranging working shift is like a piece of cake. Shift & workplace can be assigned directly to selected staff in just a few clicks. Employees can always check their own shift in mobile apps. Learn how it works. 

💡 Monitor attendance record

Attendance location can be assigned to employees. Meaning staff is only allowed to record attendance at the assigned location. With face recognition technology, GreatDay HR successfully reduces the risk of buddy punching. Want to know more? Click here. 

💡 Activity Recording 

Ever wonder if your team is really at work while WFH? You can now request them to take a picture of the task & activity they are working on. With GreatDay HR’s Activity Recording feature, as a supervisor/manager, you can always monitor their daily tasks. Sounds good? Check out now! 

💡 Provide task & feedback

Send task to employees even if they work remotely. Provide a full description of the task and assign accordingly to them. You can also provide feedback and monitor the progress anytime. It allows both parties to update and check if the task is completed. Try it now.

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