How does the Human Resource Management Information System (HRIS) benefit your Business?

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As we move to a more digitized and artificial-intelligence-dominant age, technology and automation have been widely utilized to replace once human’s work. Despite the occasional pitfalls, it is undeniable these innovations have helped take away the mundane and routine elements in one’s job.

For instance, human resource management which is usually depicted with stacks of paperwork waiting to be dealt with – has now been aided by what we called a human resource management information system (HRIS).

What is a human resource management information system (HRIS)?

You might have come across this term in various forms, such as human resources management system (HRMS), and human capital management (HCM). Although used interchangeably, a human resource management information system (HRIS) refers to a sophisticated system with automated tasks to help increase the efficiency of administration and employee management.

The common features in an HRIS include:

  Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

  Employee Data Management

  Payroll Management

  Leave Application

  HR Policies and Procedures

HRIS generally offers human resource department help in maintaining, managing, and processing employee data and human resource-related procedures. In this article, we have listed a few ways that HRIS can be helpful for your business, in terms of providing smoother HR procedures. Read on to find out!

HRIS Goes Two-Way

Human resource management information systems can be viewed as the linking bridge between the company and the employees. Information could be provided by the employees and delivered seamlessly to the human resource department via the system, and vice versa.

In traditional practice, it could be extremely mundane and time-consuming for both parties. The use of HRIS has alleviated the issue by providing a more efficient interaction between the employees and the company. This also helps free up the capacity of the human resource department and allows them to focus on more strategic tasks that would add to the company’s value.

HRIS Offers Higher Transparency

Human resource management information system is designed for the employees just as much as it is for the company. An engaging and honest experience with the human resource department could contribute to enhanced workplace communication and less likelihood of employee turnover (e.g. Ozolina-Ozolaa, 2014).

The system’s platform allows employees to access their data, as well as reviewing the company’s policies and procedures whenever and wherever. Not only that amendments or updates could be done when errors or necessary changes occur, but it also established a common ground regarding human resource protocols. Whereby violation of such protocol could be handled at mutual understanding.

HRIS Helps Alleviate Human Errors

Besides easing the process of sorting and retrieving employee data, HRIS is particularly helpful in reducing human errors, especially dealing with a huge HR workload. For instance, duplication and abnormal data can be easily detected during data entry, thus preventing any foreseeable issues caused by miscalculation. Overall, HRIS could improve work efficiency and quality assurance of human resource data.

Time and Resource Monitoring on HRIS

Micromanagement often yields equivocal opinions within the workplace. By adopting a human resource management information system, employees are required to self-monitor their task progress and allocate time frames for any specific project. Doing so would save the trouble of the team leader checking up on everyone every now and then.

Another common feature of HRIS is self-reported attendance, where biometrics such as facial recognition and thumbprints are required to ensure genuine data input with or without any form of supervision. The agile framework contributes to effective management without too much manpower involved.

HRIS is More Secure and Safe than You Thought

Cybersecurity is always a concern when we place higher reliance on online technology. Given that, the development of HRIS often consists of layers of protection for the company’s data. For instance, data storage can be done in a secure in-house environment to avoid cyber-attacks and identity theft. Besides that, a system designed in compliance with personal data protection act ensures appropriate use of company’s data only with consent given.

GreatDay HR: A HRIS Designed for Your Business

GreatDay HR is a human resource information system built to assist administrative procedures and human resource day-to-day tasks at higher levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Employee Management

With the GreatDay HR application, personalized shift schedules could be generated using the built-in features. It is absolutely hassle-free and could be shared in real-time in just a few clicks. Even when changes are required, the employees could submit a request via the application to their respective supervisors. As soon as approval is given via confirmation on the app, the shift schedules are updated instantly.

Besides that, GreatDay HR system is integrated with biometric features including facial recognition and fingerprint for attendance management. The attendance system is interlinked with the payroll system, whereby absence at work will be reflected in payroll calculation and deduction will be applied if any. Moreover, these calculations are accessible in monthly payslips to ensure transparency of the procedures.

Personal Data Protection

GreatDay HR prioritizes our user’s data security and safety. In order to safeguard users’ data, we have implemented a security system on our server to prevent unauthorized access and any possibility of misusing data within our range of services.

In addition, GreatDay HR is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Our system has been certified with ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management and ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security certifications to ensure the security of users’ data.


In general, a good human resource management information system is one that integrates, automates, and optimizes every HR process. Companies tend to include HRIS into human resource management strategy as it allows a greater capacity of the human resource department to process events that could contribute to organizational goals. A user-friendly and authentic HRIS is also as important as its practicality.

Ready to adopt a good HRIS? GreatDay HR now provides a free demo upon consultation request. Enquire today to help your business grow!

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