How HR Leaders can Adapt during Pandemic?

By Monica Permana   |  

It has been more than a year since Covid-19 hits. As a business owner / HR leader, adapting to the new normal is crucial. Especially at the workplace, we now have new policies & practices, which indirectly shape your organizational culture to a new one. 

Learn how new practices become embedded 👇🏻

💡 Monitor Employee Attendance At Home

In this new era, recording employee attendance is now touchless and contactless. To avoid the spread of virus, time attendance machine should be replaced too in order to keep you and your staff safe. 

To eliminate buddy punching, face recognition technology plays an important role. Learn how GreatDay HR can help in such situation.

💡 Process Payroll at Home

With the latest workplace SOP as well as the total number of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia, making it even more difficult for HR leaders to work in the office. Processing payroll could be a challenge as tons of hardcopy documents are kept in the office, which might delay the payroll process.

Fret not, with GreatDay HR, you can now easily process payroll at home, with access to all employees’ personal data & payroll data. Hassle free payroll process with accurate & updated statutory requirement! Yes, I want to know! 

💡 Approve and Manage Leave at Home

Approving leave might be another obstacle, some organizations are still using the traditional way of leave application, which is to submit the hardcopy leave request physically in the office. Managing leave is not easy as well due to manual record of employees’ used leave & leave balance. 

Wondering how approving & managing leave can be a breeze? Try it now! 

💡 Monitor Employee Performance and Task at Home

WFH is even harder for managers to track employees’ activity and performance. KPI could not be properly measured too due to certain restrictions. Don’t worry, we are here to help! 

Check how GreatDay HR helps to monitor your employee performance & task at home with just a few clicks!

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