How To Stay Productive While WFH?

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Still working from home and having issues staying productive at all times? Besides, you found it hard to stay focused on work because you get easily distracted by TV, social media and many others?

Fret not, follow the tips below which can eventually help you to be a WFH master!

💡 Designate your own workspace

You are strongly advised to have your own workspace at home. It’s important to separate your workspace from places where will easily distract you such as the dining table and bedroom.

A proper working desk would be great, same goes for windows and power plugs. This is because making good use of windows helps to better the air circulation in your room as well as giving you direct sunlight to keep you ‘stay awake’. 

You might also need multiple power plugs to cater to your electronic devices needs such as laptops and smartphones.

💡 Make a to-do-list every day

Create a proper and detailed to-do list to keep you stay focused on the daily task that you need to complete. Follow the to-do list closely and make sure you achieve everything. A great to-do list helps you to prioritize your tasks and manage your time well.

💡 Take a deep breath and short break

Upon completion of each task, you may take a deep breath to relax your body and mind. It helps to relieve stress as well. You may also take a short break whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed. If the above tips don’t help, you may stand up and walk around, look at greens or even have a quick chat with family. Don’t stress yourself and stay productive!

Be a WFH master with GreatDay HR, do something great every day! 

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