Managing Employee Leaves and Claims While WFH

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In this new era, most companies are implementing WFH (work from home) arrangements due to Covid-19. It is a whole new challenge for employers who have not done this before, especially in managing employees and making sure they still stay productive while WFH. 

Besides, managing employees leaves and claims became another pain point too while WFH. Most companies rely on manual leave & claim records and they found it is not always up-to-date and accurate. Furthermore, manual records might lead to issues such as overuse of leave and claim. 

To avoid this issue, it is advisable to have a complete system for leave and claim records. Staff should also be assigned to the correct leave & claim types that they are entitled to. Employers should also make these records transparent to employees so they are well aware of their own leave & claim balance. 

Moreover, most companies are still using manual leave & claim applications, which require hardcopy submission to the supervisor/manager in the office. Tons of paperwork somehow increases employers’ burden and employees are nearly impossible to submit a hardcopy of leave & claim application while WFH. 

Wondering how you can improve your current practice and make your life easier?

We help employers to set up leave types, entitlement, and even maintain and monitor their leave and claim balance too. Easy & quick approval in our mobile app ensures a smooth operation, even from home.

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