Must Know! How to Increase Work Motivation

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Having work motivation is very important for a smooth career. At work, everyone will be faced with various kinds of challenges and problems. Therefore, a person must have a strong determination and motivation in order to be able to face all possibilities in the work environment.

In terms of career, it is common for employees to undergo a decrease in motivation or enthusiasm at work. Lack of motivation will affect the employee’s performance and productivity. As a result, the company’s achievement and development will also be hampered because of demotivated employees.

So, how to re-increase work motivation? The following discussion is a review of the importance and ways to increase work motivation. Check out the review to know more about work motivation!

Definition and causes of decreased work motivation

Work motivation is a stimulus, stimulation, or encouragement of a person in doing the work that he is responsible for. This motivation can come from themselves and from the work environment. By having high work motivation, a person’s performance will also increase, because he feels comfortable and excited about the work he does.

Everyone’s motivation in working is certainly different depending on their conditions and personality.

It can be said that work motivation is any will or desire that can trigger enthusiasm and encouragement to work well. However, work motivation can increase and decrease for one reason or another.

Decreased motivation is also caused by influences from their own selves and from external factors. If it is abandoned, the motivation will eventually disappear and make people work with a compulsion. As a result, the quality of one’s work will also decrease and it will affect the company’s achievement, vision, and mission.

To avoid this, it is necessary to explore the causes of decreased employee motivation. Thus, you can find solutions to overcome them and refresh work motivation. These are some of the factors that cause a decreased work motivation.

1. Unsatisfied with the received salary

It is undeniable that the reason for people to work is to make money and fulfill their life needs. Inappropriate amount of salary which does not align with the workload will certainly make a person’s motivation decrease. A person will feel dissatisfied and unappreciated because the amount of income is not worth the effort.

2. Uncomfortable work environment

An uncomfortable work environment due to inadequate facilities or uncooperative co-workers and seniors is also one of the factors that causes the decreased motivation. Besides, noise, poor air circulation, and poor management of K3 guarantees can also affect work motivation and productivity.

3. Discrimination

The existence of inequality or discrimination in the work environment can also cause a decrease in someone’s work motivation. For example, nepotism, seniority, and all things related to unfair treatment will affect a person’s psychology. As a result, performance will decrease due to a lack of motivation.

4. Lack of appreciation

Doing the given task is certainly done with an effort that takes time, energy, and thought. When their work is not appreciated, they will feel failed and disappointed with themselves. It will result in a decreased work motivation because they feel that what they do is always wrong or bad.

5. Excessive workload

Doing too much work, especially outside of the job desk, will make someone too tired and lose motivation. Not to mention if the workload given is not followed by additional wages. Someone will also feel pressured because of the work that has piled up.

6. Lack of working skills

This relates to the skills a person has in doing his job. Especially if the company does not provide regular training for the skill development of its employees. This will cause a decrease in one’s work motivation.

7. Having no certain purpose in life

One of the things that can reduce motivation is the clarity of life goals. When a person does not know the direction of his life goals, ideals, or dreams to be achieved, then that person tends to lose work motivation.

8. Monotonous work cycle

A static routine in the office can make a person bored and eventually his work motivation decreases.

9. Excessive working hours

The government has set the ideal number of working hours for each employee, which is 8 hours a day with a break of at least 1 hour and 5 working days with 2 days off. However, it is common for companies to require their workers to work 24 hours a day informally and without overtime pay.

10. Field of work that doesn’t  match your interests

Jobs that do not match one’s interests and talents will make that person quickly bored and lose motivation. The person will do the work forcefully and not optimally because he does not like his job.

How to increase your work motivation

The decrease in work motivation can affect the continuity of the company and a person’s psychology. Therefore, after knowing what causes a decrease in work motivation, you need to do things that can increase your spirit and work motivation.

Here are some ways to increase your motivation at work.

1. Create a comfortable work environment filled with positive energy

Creating a comfortable work environment is the company’s obligation. However, it certainly requires everyone’s support in the company. Comfortable, safe, and healthy facilities can increase a person’s motivation to work with more enthusiasm. In addition, the positive energy resulting from good relationships and cooperation between co-workers can also increase one’s enthusiasm.

2. Give appreciation for achievements or work done

Appreciation given both from their own selves and from their senior/bosses can increase work motivation. With an appreciation of the achievements or work done, a person will feel appreciated so that it will improve his performance and work even better. You can also appreciate yourself by giving gifts or doing things you enjoy as a token of appreciation for the hard work you’ve done.

3 Apply effective means of communication

Good and effective communication will also have an effect on increasing motivation at work. This is because communication is very important at work. With effective communication, you will be able to understand each other and avoid conflicts in the work environment. Providing opportunities to speak and express opinions is also an example of effective communication.

4. Work according to your interests

We recommend that when you apply for a job, choose a job that matches your interests and talents so you won’t see the job as a burden and feel forced. Doing work that matches your interests will increase motivation because you like the job.

5. Define life goals

A clear purpose in life is very important to build motivation. Therefore, determine the goals, ideals, and dreams that you want to achieve to increase enthusiasm and motivation at work. Then, focus on that goal. Thus, when you work you will see it as an effort to achieve the desired dream.

6. Do self-development

Developing yourself by attending training and reading a lot will increase your motivation at work. The more you learn, the more opportunities come to you.

7. Pay attention to employee’s welfare

This is of course the company’s responsibility to its employees. Providing health, safety, and welfare guarantees for employees will indirectly increase employee motivation.

8. Do an outing or vacation together

Going on vacation or doing outings with coworkers can also increase one’s work motivation. In addition, this can also make the relationship in the work environment closer and build better cooperation.

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