Recruitment during a pandemic? What to expect? Hiring the right talent via virtual interview?

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Hiring the right talent is possible even during this pandemic. With the latest technology, everything can be done virtually. It is so much faster and efficient. Virtual interview does not only exist now. Back in pre-Covid-19 era, it was used for remote workers hiring. However, the key thing we need to take into consideration is the effectiveness of virtual interview through online meeting. 

💡 What to expect? 

Most importantly, make sure your internet and devices are all working well. Test your equipment prior to the interview. For example, headset, laptop, smartphone, and tablet. To ensure a smooth virtual meeting, you probably can’t miss this point out! 

Second element that you need to take into consideration is the recruitment cost. Plan ahead and develop a scalable recruitment plan. Subscribing to the right recruitment portal is another key thing too. Before the subscription, it’s advisable to have a clear picture of the pricing plan as well as the after-sales support given by the recruitment portal to avoid any miscommunication in the future. 

In conclusion, hiring the right talent via virtual meeting is possible if you take good care of every detail. Good luck for your talent search! 

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