Resignation Letter: Dos and Don’ts for Malaysian Employees

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Be it for personal reasons, not seeing eye-to-eye with your current company’s values, or simply having a shiny attractive offer sent your way – a resignation letter is the formal communication needed before taking your next step.

A resignation letter is a statement of intent to resign. Do you need a well-written resignation letter? The simple answer is yes. Regardless of position and duration in the company, it is never easy to draft a formal goodbye letter with grace. Although you might be leaving the company in a month or two, a good impression would go a long way in your career.

In this article, we would like to share some tips on essential content within a resignation letter in Malaysia, as well as some knowledge that would come handy upon your resignation.

Do: People Before Paper

Some might see resigning out of the blue as an irresponsible, and somewhat a rude act in the working field. You would like to be considered as respectful as you could be while you are making your departure from the company.

Even though you might be drafting your resignation letter for quite some time, schedule a face-to-face meeting or at least draft a formal email to your immediate supervisor to inform them your intention of leaving. Note that this is NOT the formal way of giving your notice. You might even need to refine your resignation letter after your meeting.

Don’t: Criticize your Job or Peers

In the letter, you could talk about parts that you enjoyed throughout the job and be as constructive as possible if you really have to include suggestions for improvement. Besides that, holding grudges is not a likable characteristic anywhere and do know that companies do talk among each other! Even when bad blood is spilled, leave and let it be gone as you are leaving.

Do: Keep it Short and Sweet

Refrain yourself for writing a lengthy explanation on the exact issue that fuels your departure. You don’t have to reveal your entire career plan as well. A resignation letter is never a tool to negotiate – never use it to talk about underpaid issue or anything that would make its purpose ambiguous to the one receiving it. One thing not to miss out is to state the date of your last day of employment and yes – this IS the formal way of giving your notice.

Don’t: Not Giving Enough Notice

If your salary is above the minimum wage set by Employment Act 1995 (updated to RM1,500 as per 1 May 2022), you would need to refer to the company contract for the notice period you should serve. In Malaysia, the common length of notice period typically ranges from one month notice or more. Failure in compliance might result in deduction of salary, however, the law forbids your employer to say no to your resignation regardless.

The notice period is needed to help the company adjust to your departure as they would need to manage or reallocate the staff before your replacement is found. Besides giving enough notice, it would be professional of you to offer helping the transition to be as smooth as it could be.

Do: Review the Letter and Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!

It is important to show that you are grateful for the work experience. You could briefly recount the opportunities this job had given you and the support the company had provided throughout your employment.

Do a spelling and grammar check and ensure formal language is used throughout before you hand in the resignation letter. Although we might sound like a nagging mother to a three-year-old — don’t forget to say thank you!

Don’t: Broadcast the News

Although it is your personal choice, you might want to remain silent until the procedure is done. For one, you would want to leave on a good note. Spreading news to your co-workers before the human resource department and your boss sort out the transition is not a good idea. Some of them may have to cover your spot for a period of time, therefore your superior might appreciate them being the one who breaks the news when they are ready to do so.

Sample of A Resignation Letter in Malaysia

 [Your name, address, phone number, email, position title and organization]


[Addressee’s name, position title and organization]

Dear [Addressee’s name],

Please accept this letter as formal notification of my resignation from [current position title] at [organization]. I am hereby giving you [notice period (i.e. one month)] notice of my departure, with my final working day being [date] after clearing my balance of annual leave days.

I am truly grateful for the opportunities the company has provided me throughout the years. I appreciate the experience of working with the team under the guidance of [supervisor]. The valuable skills and knowledge that I have acquired during my time in the company would benefit me throughout my career. For that, I could never express my appreciation fully.

During my notice period, I will make sure to complete current tasks and wrap up my duties in existing projects for the upcoming transition. Kindly let me know if anything I could help to ensure a seamless transition.

I wish the company continued success and I hope to stay in touch in the future.

Your sincerely,

[Your signature and name]


“All good things must come to an end”, that being said, resignation is almost inevitable in everyone’s career. Especially with the uprising trend of job-hopping in Malaysia, it is important to know how you should leave with grace.

Despite the fact your resignation is pleasant or not, you would want to remain professional and positive when bidding your goodbye to your current job. Your resignation letter and final impression may have an impact on your future job prospects. Nevertheless, every end is another beginning, hope you embark on a new exciting journey!

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