Support yourself and your team: The Importance of Mental Health

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During this pandemic, for employees’ safety and health, most of us are working from home. Since we are not meeting each other regularly, it’s important for us to support ourselves and the team virtually. 

💡 Show care to your team

Even though you are not meeting your colleague or team every day, you can still show care to them by giving them a text or a quick call. Catch up with them and have a chit chat session to stay connected with them.

💡 Organize virtual events

Organizing virtual events such as online team games and team video call. It does not need to be a physical one given the situation now. Resources such as a free online video call platform should be fully utilized so that you can still meet your colleagues regularly even though you are all working from home.

💡 Send food / small gift

Sending food or small gift to colleagues or your team could be another good way to maintain your relationship with them as well. Giving Covid-19 care packages that include hand sanitisers, medical masks, and face shields would be a great choice to send to your loved ones.

Support yourself and your team like a pro while working from home, use GreatDay Meet today to stay connected with them! 

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