Breeze through tedious administrative work with our fully integrated HR management software

Speed and accuracy are critical for businesses to compete. Our cloud-based HR solution can help you complete routine administrative processes, from attendance to payroll, quickly and accurately.


Company-employee engagement like never before! GreatDay provides comprehensive features to facilitate communication and encourage interaction between employees and companies, helping to create an open, collaborative working environment.

Engage to Encourage

Interact with your employees more by chatting, giving them tasks, and providing feedback, all right in the app. You can also give praise and recognition to high-achieving employees to make them feel more appreciated.

Instant Announcements

Approaching your employees individually to send out announcements takes a lot of time. WIth GreatDay HR, you can publish company-wide announcements, policies, and achievements instantly.

Paperless Approval Process

Sending requests are no longer a long and mind-numbing process. GreatDay HR enables employees to send leave and overtime requests directly from the app, drastically reducing paper spending.


Keep one eye on your employees while using the other to grow your business with our next-generation attendance recording system. Full integration with the payroll system ensures accurate data to help you manage any kind of administrative work, whenever and wherever you are.

Real-time data, 100% Accuracy Guaranteed

Real-time attendance recording with facial recognition technology and geotagging prevents fraud attempts by employees, giving you zero reasons for concern.

Employee Performance Monitoring, Simplified

Walking up to employees to manage their performance can waste a lot of precious time. Monitor employee whereabouts and activities from your smartphone whenever necessary, from wherever you are.

Automatic Shift Schedule Management

Effortlessly create and manage shift schedules. Payroll and attendance data will automatically be adjusted to any shift changes.


Experience a much more pleasant payroll season. Calculate payroll much more quickly and accurately with attendance system integration. Did we mention this is all done automatically? Leave it to us, there's no need to work late anymore.

Enjoy Paperless Paperwork

Drastically reduce your paper spending and move to the cloud to manage your payroll calculation anywhere and anytime. The best part? It can all be done in under one hour!

Accurate and Flexible

Multi-country tax compliance with attendance integration ensures error-free payroll calculation. Flexible salary components means you can make on-the-fly adjustments according to your company's needs.

Automatic E-Payslip Delivery

With GreatDay HR, e-payslips are delivered on time with detailed information on every salary component. We understand how important it is to have regular, timely payslips as they could be critical to meeting your employees' needs.

Advanced Features

Optional add-ons are available for you to subscribe to. Easily adjusted to your company's needs, the following features can help you overcome any and every challenge, no matter the size or industry.

Quicker Candidate Filtering

Easier filtering of suitable candidates and seamless interview management tools makes recruitment a breeze.

Worry-free Outsourcing with Rock-Solid Security

Real-time updates are secured safely in our cloud storage with internationally recognized security standards.

Touchless Check-ins and Check-outs (ITCS)

Record your and your employees' attendance with the Integrated Temperature Checking System, powered by GreatDay HR, to ensure a safer workspace.

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