In-depth Attendance Management

With our comprehensive attendance management system, you can create, supervise, and organize anything regarding your team’s attendance.

Keep an eye on attendance reports, rearrange multiple shift schedules, and make any change to overtime policies in just a few clicks. Payroll system integration also ensures accurate employee compensation.

Facial Recognition

Armed with AI and Machine Learning, our Facial Recognition Technology continuously learns your attendance data in every recording activity, with the aim of reducing fraud attempts.

Location Details with Geo Tagging

Geo Tagging gives information on your team’s exact location. Both Geo Tagging and Facial Recognition helps you to generate the most accurate attendance data.

Shift Scheduling

Create and update personalized shift schedules for every employee! GreatDay HR enables you to generate individual shift schedules for any employee and implement them in just a few clicks.

What’s better, site managers and employees can also submit a shift change request directly to their supervisors for approval, ensuring simplified processes.

Attendance Correction Request

Employees can easily access their attendance list and request attendance corrections right in the GreatDay HR mobile app!

Supervisors will be instantly notified of any attendance correction request right in their smartphones, this helps speed up the approval process.

Integrated with Fingerprint and Payroll Systems

Still using fingerprint scanners? Not a problem! GreatDay HR can easily transfer data from your existing fingerprint scanners to ensure a smooth transition to our system. What’s more, payroll system integration ensures error-free payday calculation.


It is very easy to record your attendance with GreatDay HR. Simply open the app, click record time, take a selfie, and save your attendance.

You just have to click more, choose attendance, scroll down a bit and tap on the attendance list. All employees can see their respective attendance list. Super admins and supervisors from each division can see the attendance list of each employee in their division.

Don’t worry! You can still record attendance without an internet connection. Just record attendance as usual and select record attendance offline. When you are back connected to the internet, upload the offline attendance record and your attendance data will look like how it should be.

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