Fast and seamless claims process. Highly customizable, totally dependable, and fully integrated to the payroll system, process any claims and reimbursements with a single click!

Seamless and Customizable

Employees can submit various types of claims faster and easier than ever before. No more complicated processes and waiting around with uncertainty.

Supervisors will be instantly notified of any claims and reimbursement requests, leading to faster approval. You can also add claim types such as medical expenses, transportation, and many more based on your company’s policies.

Fast Disbursement

Easy claims process + faster disbursement = better employee morale. Every once in a while, employees will face financial emergencies, which can be amplified even further if claims and reimbursements processes take too long. With GreatDay HR, not only is the claims process straightforward, claims and disbursement of reimbursements are quick and on the money!

Anytime Access to Claim Request History

Employees can view both past and current claim requests easily in the app. This enables them to keep track of how many days they have utilized, their leave balance, how many overtime hours they contributed,  and the status of their current requests.

Flexible and Adjustable Claim Types

GreatDay HR enables employees to request any type of claim, ranging from business trip expenses to entertainment fee. You can also add and customize claims that your company provides, to ensure GreatDay HR perfectly suits your company’s needs.

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