E leave Management System to Manage Leave Request

Clock In & Out Anytime, Anywhere

All you have to do is just to take a selfie and check in. Greatday HR provides detailed information on employee attendance and is entirely integrated with payroll management. No double work, let’s do it right!

Face Recognition

No cheating, no buddy punching. GreatDay HR’s ‘’Face Recognition’’ technology got your back and it is our job to always make sure instant verification of employees upon clock in.

Geo Tagging

GreatDay HR’s Geo Tagging (GPS) technology allows employees to record their attendance and location accurately. GreatDay HR always ensures error free reporting and timesheet management, which makes your life easier!

Attendance List & Corrections

Employees and supervisors have easy access to the attendance list. Employees can request for attendance corrections if there is any input error. They can receive instant feedback and approval from supervisors as well.

Leave & Overtime Requests

It is just one click away if employees would like to request leave or seek approval to work overtime. The request will be sent to the appropriate supervisor for approval instantly.

Management Team Attendance Reports

Team attendance appears directly on your HR Feed.

Time Sheet

GreatDayHR Timesheet provides the capacity to apply differential hourly pay rates, generate reports and automatically update payroll.

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