Sifting through mountains of CVs will surely give you headaches, is extremely time-consuming, and is the exact opposite of eco-friendly.

GreatDay HR can help you go digital and make filtering suitable candidates more convenient than ever. Better yet, our powerful interview management lets you arrange interviews right in the app.

Mobile Recruitment Process

The process of recruiting new employees is as easy as receiving information and notifications from the GreatDay HR app. Candidate screening becomes more practical, faster, and can be done from anywhere.

Complete Details of Applicants

The Recruitment feature will automatically collect all candidate data with the desired filter.

The HR department can easily analyze and sort out which candidates are the most suitable for the intended job position.

Pre-Quick Interview with Filtered Questions

With our recruitment feature, candidates can answer pre-interview questions to speed up screening and help maintain the effectiveness of candidate selection.

Employers and HR can also freely customize what questions are needed for each job vacancy. You can also request candidates to upload a video of them introducing themselves.

Flexible Interview Schedule

The HR department and the company can easily schedule interviews and invite candidates from the application. The selected candidate will also receive an interview invitation directly from the app.

Real-Time Applicant Status

To maintain transparency, GreatDay HR enables the HR department to immediately update the status of candidates who are being processed.

Candidates can also see the process and at what stage the selection process is taking place, from the GreatDay HR application.

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