Reports for Employee Performance

Generate Reports & Analytics Instantly

You can generate reports that you wish to obtain and data analytics you need. Anytime and anywhere, with just a simple click.

Show Data in HR Feed

To track employee performance easily, all the important data will be shown in your HR Feed. Besides, this helps you to identify issues and take appropriate action when needed. 

ALL Employee Reports

GreatDay HR provides various types of employee reports, which are all stored in one place. Every report can be chosen based on your preference i.e. type of report, the period of report. GreatDay HR’s reports are all available in various formats such as Excel, PDF etc. Thus, reports can be submitted on time for Management and in an easily understandable way.

Faster Decision Making

GreatDay HR’s reports make it easier for companies to make the right decisions at the right time, which smoothen company’s operation in terms of speed and accuracy.

Visualization Report

GreatDay HR’s reports are always displayed with interesting and attractive visualizations, which help decision makers to read the report.

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